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Dear Dreamers,
“I Have A Dream” Foundation is excited to welcome you to register for the 18th Annual Dream University Prep (Dream UP) in Washington, DC. From July 9 through 13, 2019, we will be on the campus of Howard University for 4 days of college life experiences, civic engagement activities, open discussion forums, and – of course – getting to know one another. Most importantly, these experiences will prepare you to achieve your dreams as you move through school and life!
This year, our country has been steadily divided through actions and speech that hurt others.  Despite this, there is a wave of hope in youth activism, Congress, and the world to counteract this behavior.  You are our future and we are following your lead for a better tomorrow.
At Dream UP, we will have opportunities to discuss the ways in which youth are creating and leading our most passionate movements today – as they have in the past. We will also have workshops aimed at ensuring you continue to succeed in school, and have the confidence and tools necessary to chart your path for the betterment of yourself, your community, and eventually – the world.
Some highlights from 2018 Dream UP include:
College Classes – Professors teach Biology, Theater, and Sociology
Hall Pass – Making of an Activist
Civic Engagement – Taking Action for a Better World
Town Hall – Gun Violence
We are very excited for what is to come and look forward to seeing you in DC and bringing you one step closer to college!
Eugena Oh
President & CEO                                                         
Marvin Cabrera
Director, Dreamer Programs                                                           

Rank: Top 10% Universities

Enrollment: 10,849

Majors: 80

Fields of Study: 24

Colleges & Schools: 11

Division 1 & Varsity Sports: 17

Student Organizations: 250


Create your pathway!  You can do more than you think is possible, when you push yourself to new limits! 
Dream UP is an opportunity for Dreamers not only to continue striving for academic and college success, but also to experience college first-hand, fine-tune career goals, and give back through civic engagement. Dreamers will accomplish all of this with an opportunity to explore a new part of the United States while participating in fun-filled activities in age-appropriate college tracks.   
Over the past 17 years, we have organized this college immersion experience across the country and Dreamers have learned about universities such as University of Miami, Loyola Marymount University, Boston College, University of Colorado at Boulder, Drake University, and American University. This year, and for the first time, Dream UP will be hosted at an historically black institution, Howard University, from July 9th through 13th. We look forward to seeing you there, charting your path of possibilities.


Ethnicity of Students from U.S.

0.8% American Indian/Alaskan Native

1.4% Asian
95.3% Black/African-American
0.5% Hispanic/Latino
0.0% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino)
0.2% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander
1.9% White
0.0% Unknown


International Students

5.2% from 41 countries